Why Businesses Need GST Compliant Billing Software?

Why Businesses Need GST Compliant Billing Software?

In India, tax system has been reformed with the introduction of GST which is an abbreviation for Goods and Services Tax. Previously, a framework of indirect tax has been utilized which can be considered to be pretty complex in nature. Therefore, relatively simple and integrated system has been launched by the government. Through the tax reform, positive effect on the Indian economy is expected to be seen in the long run. However, it is not easy to implement the format of unified tax system all over India. Most of the Indians are still not aware of the GST processes accurately. So, GST Billing Software may help the tax payers to deal with the tax payment.

Some questions may arise in your mind on the occasion. Such as;

Will it be possible to decrease taxation rate with GST?

Info credits from the all the sources are utilized on the occasion. Taxation rate can be reduced due to the utilization of credit. Through coordination of different receipts from separate providers, credit can be offered.

What are different rates of GST?

Generally, four major types of GST can be noticed. They are followings.

  1. For common goods and services, 5% GST is applied. 
  2. For standard goods and services, 12% GST is applied
  3. For electrical goods, some luxury food items, aluminium foil and AC restaurant services, 18% GST can be noticed.
  4. For luxury items and tobacco based products, 28% GST can be seen.

Now, the business owners may not have enough time in their hands to understand the GST tax system in details. So, GST Billing Software has become a must for the business organizations. Due to adequate use of the software, lot of time may not be wasted. Deflection from the proper business operations can be avoided in the process too.

BTHAWK has been delivering effective taxation software for GST and it can certainly help the CS and CA professionals to take care of the tax credit leader input adequately. GST Billing Software from this company is one of the most effective ones in India. Therefore, it is being used by thousands of taxpayers for unlimited facility of e-filing. 

So, you must know why you should use the GST Billing Software as well

Process of Data Invoice has become easy

Most of the companies have been using the accounting software these days. It is generally utilized for the billing processes. Due to GST, data filing process may become a little difficult. Later on, it is required to be integrated with the governmental portal for GST also.  Due to presence of GST Billing Software, issues related to filing data invoices can be evaded completely. Data transfer can be done through the software to the GST portal online easily.

Securing the information

Safeguarding the data has become one of the important aspects of business operations. Billing software for GST has been designed perfectly and it has ensured that data is secure. Protecting financial data of the business has been a priority always.

Simple document management process 

Based on the norms of GST, documentation online can be completed by the GST Billing Software. Different types of documents such as refunds, warning notice and invoices can be digitalized in the process also.  Handling documents manually is troublesome without any doubt. However, billing software has managed to store these documents. It is usually stored in folders based on the rules and regulation of authority.

Simple invoice process

As a result of taxation system for GST, complication has arisen with the invoice. For diverse products, HSN codes are different along with the tax percentages.  Through billing software for normal accounting, tax percentage cannot be calculated in order to offer accurate invoicing. GST Billing Software is really necessary for accurate calculation of various goods invoices smoothly.


Customization can be done with the billing software for GST from BTHAWK.  So, requirement of the business can be met. Diverse kinds of tax penalties can be addressed in the process too. Level of flexibility is huge with this software as it can easily incorporate itself with other software available in the market.

Cost effective and less time consuming

Tracking of invoices can be managed smoothly with the GST Billing Software in addition to the tax calculations. It can be observed with all the invoices. Not only invoices. Several others financial tasks have been eased in the process too. In this way, a lot of time can be saved. Same is applicable with the cost also. Software has become pretty affordable. Some packages can be found from the software service providers like BTHAWK. So, you can choose one according to your conveyance. There is no need to think about the budget a lot before investing into billing software for GST.

Staying ahead with artificial intelligence

Through use of billing software for GST, your business can stay ahead of others while tax filing process. Complicated process of tax filing can be avoided also with GST software. Even if it is a huge company with the operation all over India, issues may not be noticed with the tax returns. So, artificial intelligence certainly eliminates trouble on the way.

In the end, it can be said that GST Billing Software has created a massive impact on the small as well as medium sized business. Customers have become aware about the taxes that have been applied on the products. Contribution is given to the revenue of government in this way also. 

Some issues can be noticed with this mechanism of tax. However, it has helped the government, businesses and customers also. GST software has managed to reduce complication with the system. Therefore, it must be incorporated by the business owners.

As an accounting solution, GST Billing Software has been a great help for the business owners. Therefore, it is hard to find a reason not to use the software. By using this software, you may able to understand about GST taxation process in better manner also. Filing of taxation can be executed in a hassle free manner. 

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