5 Ways to say thanks to someone who wished you on Birthday

5 Ways to say thanks to someone who wished you on Birthday

As you celebrate your birthday, it’s great to celebrate together with your friends. On your birthday, it’s very common that most of your friends and family will take time to wish you a happy birthday celebration. 

But have you ever thought what is a better way to respond to their messages? It’s not always a nice thing to just say thank you. 

In this article, we are exposing five best ways to respond to their wishes. It doesn’t matter whether the wishes are sent via social media or physical mail, these tricks will help you a lot. Actually, etiquette is a little different but necessary in this case. 

1. Post One Thank You Message

This is the best way to respond and thank people who wished you on your birthday on social media. If you are a frequent Facebook or Instagram user, then I am sure most of your followers, old friends and acquaintances will notice your thank you message. 

You don’t have to contact one friend at a time because this can be tiring and time consuming. The best thing to do is to just post one emotional message on your wall thanking everybody that spared time to wish you a happy birthday. 

2. What about a Picture? 

For your social media friends, a picture can do well. This is actually a more visible way of thanking all your friends.

You can just take a picture of your smiling face as you cut or take the birthday cake.If possible, include some note thanking them for the time they spared to wish you on your special day.  The note should be comprehensive and a bit emotional. 

3. Post a Video

For those friends that wished you a happy birthday online but didn’t have enough time to celebrate with you, you can send them a small clip covering the best moments of your celebrations. 

Otherwise, you can take a small video of you thanking all of them for the best wishes. It’s up to you. 

Though, if you must take the picture while you are celebrating, include friends that you are celebrating with. Later, take a small clip of you thanking those people that facilitated the whole thing. 

4. Thank Someone Personally

This can as well be a nice thing especially if you met someone personally. Maybe after celebrations you will spend some time with the friends before they leave. 

This is a nice time to greet them and thanks them personally for their kind and support. As a matter of fact, those in attendance were the main contributing reasons for the success of your party. 

5. Give out Compliments Whether in Person or in Social Media

It’s now time to make your well-wishers, friends and family notice how wonderful they are and how they made your day a reality. 

This means you should take time to appreciate them in person or by sms and calls. It’s a nice thing to use more specific compliments that match each of your friends. 

Wrapping it Up!

If someone has joined you in your happy moments then it is a good gesture to say thanks to the min return and make them feel that your celebrations and happinesses are nothing without them. Doing so will make your relationship stronger and keep you close to each other.

The above I have tried to mention some of the simple ways to thank your loved ones. Hope you will like them.

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